Report on Suspected Misconduct at NLB Banka, Beograd

Help us stop the perpetrators by submitting a report on suspected misconduct through a secure system, either under your name or entirely anonymously.

Procedure for Reporting Suspected Misconduct


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Complete the report on suspected misconduct


Monitor the progress of the investigation

By reporting irregularities that may not have been observed in other processes within the company, the whistleblowers contribute to their elimination, and thus contribute to the preservation of the legality and reputation of the company in which they operate. Whistleblowers are taking concrete steps to protect their company from potential harm, whether material or reputational, and are therefore a significant resource in any company that wants to operate in accordance with the law and rules of good business practice.
Branko Greganović
Whistleblowers are persons who report irregularities, that is, provide information regarding violations of regulations, human rights, exercise of public authority contrary to the purpose for which it was entrusted, or irregularities in the work of the company. The whistleblower makes an alarm about his work engagement, recruitment process, use of government services, irregularities in the company where he works, based on information he has been able to find out while engaging in certain activities. 
Ivan Đukić
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