Do you suspect misconduct or maliciously behaviour? Report it and support the business of NLB Komercijalna banka.

Help us stop harmful and unauthorized behavior – report, through the Whistler application, in a secure, anonymous and transparent way. Stay in touch with our investigators - follow the course and results of the investigation.

Procedure for Reporting Suspected Misconduct


Register anonymously or share your identity


Complete the report on suspected misconduct


Monitor the progress of the investigation

Although our primary goal is to resolve deviations, possible irregularities or suspicions of violations of good business practices, within the organizational units in which they occurred, this is unfortunately not always feasible in practice. By reporting irregularities, that may not have been noticed in other processes, users of the Whistler application help us to eliminate them and thus preserve the legality and reputation of the Bank. These are brave individuals who, for moral reasons, decide to point out illegal or unethical actions. As such, they are an important lever of business in accordance with the law and the rules of good business practice of NLB Komercijalna banka, which is why we guarantee them full protection at all times.
Vlastimir Vuković
President of the Executive Board of NLB Komercijalna banka
The Whistler is intended for clients, bank employees and all those who suspect that a certain act has been committed that may have legal, criminal or reputational consequences for the Bank. All applications received through the application are taken over by investigators, experienced bank employees with many years of experience in fraud and abuse prevention, and expertise in the field of law, banking and regulation, economics and investigative activities. After submitting the report, users of the application can continue to communicate with the investigation team and follow the course and results of the investigation. On the other hand, the Whistler is not intended for general questions about the Bank's operations, questions and complaints from clients or reports of harassment in the workplace (mobbing).
Dejan Kostić
Director of Fraud prevention and physical security Department