Reporting suspicion of improper conduct in NLB Banka a.d. Banja Luka

By submitting a notification of suspicion of improper behavior through a secure system, either under your own name or completely anonymously, point to any form of improper behavior.

Process for reporting suspicion of improper conduct


Register anonymously or share your identity


Complete the report on suspected misconduct


Monitor the progress of the investigation

As the Bank that nurtures the values of ethics and integrity performing our business activities in accordance with legal regulations and good business practice, we want to encourage all employees to report any improper and inappropriate behavior by any individual in the company. We all have an obligation and the right to influence the prevention of fraud, abuse and other harmful acts, and by reporting we can influence it to be avoided, prevented and disabled by our actions. In this way, we prevent possible damage to the Bank and the Group, and we strengthen the integrity of our company.
Goran Babić
President of the Managment Board of
NLB Banka a.d. Banja Luka
If we only criticize and do nothing, we will not be able to solve or change anything. If we are constructive and report harmful activities using the methods provided for it - including this application - we can make a big difference. It is important for us as an institution and as a collective to learn something from applications and eliminate any weaknesses in our processes and systems.
Tanja Milekić
Head of Compliance